About Green Rebel

Real service. Real people.
Real connections.

Once upon a time

Cofounders Ian O’Meara and Darragh McFeely had a renowned beachside bistro in New Zealand that served real food. Fresh, delicious, wholesome, authentic food which was sourced from a local produce stand called the “The Green Rebel”.

How fitting that name would end up to be. Upon their return to Canada, their passion and desire for healthy genuine eating increased and ultimately became contagious under the Green Rebel brand.

The mission is clear

feed people wholesome real ingredients that make the biggest impact in their lives. Green Rebel creates the perfect eating environment for a casual yet efficient experience with a full service attitude.

Not only do we care about what we put in our mouths but we care about the effect and consequences that food production has on the environment.

Rebel Bowl program

Let’s reduce packaging waste. The program is simple but effective. Green Rebel will knock 50 cents off the price of your salad every time you use a Rebel Bowl instead of a take out container.